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A live internet talk show with geeks in town on building, learning and sharing!

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What exactly goes on before we get on the live show?

Before 2 months:

  • Hosts contact the potential guest for availability and interest
  • Hosts schedule date and episode topic with the guest

Before 1 month:

  • Hosts contact the guest for profile pic
  • Hosts confirm the episode topic with the guest

Before 2 weeks:

  • Hosts draw up a list of 5 curated questions for the guest
  • Guest edits and confirms the questions

Before 1 week:

Before 15 hours:

  • Hosts research on questions, riddle, events and picks

Before 2 hours:

  • Setup sound board
  • Audio and mic test for hosts
  • Test live streaming

Before 1.5 hour:

  • If requested, the guest gets a wake up call on mobile

Before 1 hour, at 10am with guest for 10 minutes:

  1. How to pronounce firstname and lastname
  2. Run through the entire format of the show
  3. Run through theme of the episode
  4. Ask the guest if we missed important topic related to the episode theme
  5. Any upcoming events or any new releases by the guest?
  6. Typing on the keyboard and noise check
  7. (Optional) Joining live chat with Gitter
  8. Reminder not to visit live.webuild.sg in the browser during the show
  9. Using Mumble chat to communicate with the hosts in case the need arises
  10. Disable all notification sound:
  11. Inform that the episode will be released as Creative Commons Share Alike license
  12. Some live stats can be viewed when mount point /live is available during the show
  13. Instruction on how to mute
  14. Gather back in Mumble 5 minutes before the live show at 10:55am
  15. Any feedback for the entire process from contacting to setup, etc

At 0 Seconds:

  • We Build SG LIVE!

After few days:

  • Post produced episode is released with Creative Commons license
  • Next guest is announced and countdown restarts!

live podcast hosted by chinmay & sayanee