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A live internet talk show with geeks in town on building, learning and sharing!

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Each episode, our podcast guests can join us live from anywhere!

Ensure you have the following:

  1. A quiet location, away from the window so we don’t capture too much ambient noise
  2. Good Internet (Wired or strong WiFi)
  3. Laptop
  4. Headphone connected to your laptop
  5. Microphone connected to your laptop
  6. Download the Development Snapshot of Mumble for Windows / Linux / macOS El Capitan and below. Download Stable Snapshot for macOS Sierra.

The next steps will take you just 5 minutes and you will be able to join the live podcast server. You can either view the screencast below and / or refer to the notes after that.


  1. Open mumble
  2. Cancel the auto-opened Audio Tuning Wizard
  3. Create new certificate for the Certifcate Authentication

Live podcast server

Step 1: Open the server connection dialog

Server connection dialog

Step 2: Connect with the following info:

  1. Username: Put your name and not “guest-name”
  2. Password: You should already have the password from the hosts

Add server

Step 3: Double click the chat room name “webuildsg-live” to join. Otherwise, you will be just in the lobby and not inside the chat room to hear the sound board and the hosts during the live show.

Chat room

This is how the mumble interface will typically look during the live show.

During the live show

Take note of the chat inside the interface that you can use to communicate with only the hosts during the show

Mumble Chat

Step 4: While typing in the chat there will be notification sounds. You can switch them off by going to Preferences > Messages tab > uncheck all columns expect for 1st column “Console”

Notification sounds off

Audio preferences

  • Open Menu > Mumble > Preferences
  • Check the “Advanced” options at the bottom

Mumble preferences

  • Important: You must click “Apply” and save the settings. Close this preference menu before you can hear the audio.

For Windows: Go to Configure > Settings.

Mumble Settings on Windows

Ensure that you check the “Advanced” options.

Mumble Settings options on Windows

Uncheck all columns Notification, Text-To-Speech and Soundfile to mute all notification sounds:

Disable motification sounds

Adjust the Windows sound levels if needed:

Adjust Windows Sound levels

(Optional) Chat with live audience

We’ll have a final check
for 10 minutes at 10am,
1 hour before we go live!
It’ll be fun :)

live podcast hosted by chinmay & sayanee